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Small Original Artworks

  1.   Manuela Valenti, White and Pink Lilies on the Pond
  2.   Montasse, Lavendars
  3.   Maria Nash, Calla Lilies   SOLD
  4.   Daniel Edmondson, Lilacs in Blue Vase
  5.   Mike Savlen, Winter to Spring
  6.   Judith Stein, High Flyer
  7.   Kay Bonanno, Dinner at 10, Santa Margherita
  8.   Ng Woon Lam, Impressionist Salute & Gondola, Venice 2006
  9.   Colette Davis, Hidden Agenda
  10.   Renie Britenbucher, Little Hockey Players   SOLD
  11.   Dee Bottorff, California Plein Air
  12.   Jana Fox, Graceful Jump
  13.   Sara J, Tall Pines
  14.   Wie Yue, Sangria
  15.   Magdalena Kruk, Garden
  16.   Dee Bottorff, Napa, California
  17.   Carlton Bjork, Red Hawaiian Plumerias
  18.   Thaneeya McArdle, Curious Chords
  19.   Derek T. Collins, Casual Optimism
  20.   Eric McClain, Still Life with Peach
  21.   Kay Bonanno, Walk on the Wild Side
  22.   Margaret Older, Lilacs in a Cut-Glass Vase
  23.   Magdalena Kruk, Poppy Field
  24.   Craig Granato, Desert Sun
  25.   Craig Granato, Dusk in Autumn
  26.   Dennis Finley, Got Milk?
  27.   Karla Gerard, Tree on Blue   SOLD
  28.   Colette Davis, Good as Gold
  29.   S.T. Geoghan, Autumn Flame
  30.   Cate Rangel, Starla
  31.   Savina Lyusi, Venice   SOLD
  32.   Boris Covali Lepei, Wineglass and Apple
  33.   Ellen Asbyll, Copper Kettle
  34.   Taylor Lynde, It's All Downhill From Here
  35.   Boris Covali Lepei, Still Life with Fruit   SOLD
  36.   S.T. Geoghan, Brighter after the Storm
  37.   Kellie M. Hill, Hurricane
  38.   Melissa Grimes, Girl in Bed
  39.   Angela Moulton, Spring Blossoms on Sideboard
  40.   Melissa Grimes, Study of a Ballet Dancer
  41.   Beata Sasik, Magic Moment
  42.   Daniel Peci, Portrait of a Young Man
  43.   Jonelle Summerfield, Warm Interior
  44.   Manuel Avendano, Buleria SOLD
  45.   Terry Xu, Ballet
  46.   Timothy Chambers, Green Apples in Red Colander
  47.   Sheila Vaughan, Bazaar
  48.   Derek T. Collins, Drama in the Snow
  49.   Jana Fox, Straight Towards the Sun
  50.   S.T. Geoghan, Sunset for the Painter
  51.   Kay Bonnano, Open Too (Malaga, Spain)
  52.   Melissa Grimes, Girl in a Pink Wig
  53.   Harris Byerly, Venice
  54.   John Boles, Voodoo Shop Smoker
  55.   Janice Schmuckal, Creekside Evening
  56.   Manuel Avendano, Gris   SOLD
  57.   Jonelle Summerfield, Interior with Table and Chairs
  58.   Derek T. Collins, Solitude in Red
  59.   Monique Bechard, Watercolor Flowers
  60.   Manuel Avendano, Tarde
  61.   Marshall King, 79th and Broadway
  62.   R. Hong, Burnt Fall Colors
  63.   Ellen Asbyll, Teacup with Strawberries
  64.   Tom Rasila, Black Horse Standing on Hind Legs
  65.   Sara J, Bright Sky
  66.   Manuel Avendano, Vuelve   SOLD
  67.   Dusan Malobabic, Storm Approaches
  68.   Wie Yue, Still Life, Fruit in Glass Bowl
  69.   Francis Switzer, Colorful Street scene
  70.   Boris Covali, Cherries in Martini Glass
  71.   Ginette Callaway, Yellow Tea Roses
  72.   Sheila Vaughan, Florence
  73.   Sheila Vaughan, Tiller Girls
  74.   Dusan Malobabic, Rainy City

To learn more about the artists' works featured above or how art selection services can be utilized, please feel free to contact me.