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Your Eye For Art offers Personalized Art Selection wherein we help clients select art that is just "right" for them. We believe that a piece isn't "right" unless it says something about the tastes and personality of its owner AND suits their budget and daily surroundings. We've personally spent hours trolling galleries (both online and off) for just the "right" piece and have learned alot in the process. Now, we leverage that experience to help others find the "right" artwork for their home or office.

To stimulate discussion and provide examples of varying artistic styles, Your Eye For Art has an assembled collection of framed pieces that is represented on the following pages. Unless otherwise noted, these original paintings and limited edition prints are currently available. However, works by a much wider array of artists, in a great number of styles, can be acquired. Our inventory also typically includes a number of works that are unframed and not yet featured on the site. For organizational purposes, artworks are classified based on whether they are original, limited edition, or photography pieces and may be further sub-classified by size.

Note that all dimensions provided throughout the site are as measured in inches.

To inquire about a particular piece or to learn how art selection services can be utilized, please feel free to contact us.